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About Us

"Our mission is to enhance educational opportunities for all students by providing exemplary service to our members." -- EducationPlus™

Serving over 50 school districts and nearly 300,000 students--1/3 of Missouri's public school population--EducationPlus™ is a powerful network of resources, expertise and ideas.

A proactive voice for education in the St. Louis region, EducationPlus™ provides nationally recognized services in business, finance, cooperative purchasing, insurance, educational technology, character education and staff development.

Through EducationPlus™, educators can hire teachers online, partner with businesses, network with national education leaders, take electronic field trips, explore Japanese culture, surf the Internet, boost teamwork, connect through two-way video, save time and money, and put more resources where it matters most--in the classroom.

Everything we do is geared to improve the most important bottom line of all--student learning.

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